Quantitative rock magnetism

Using principal component analysis to discriminate between magnetic end members (EMs) in geologic materials. An example of quantifying multi-domain (EM1), pseudo single-domain (EM2) and single-domain (EM3) constituents from North Atlantic sediments (Lascu et al., 2015).

The majority of natural samples contain a complex, multi-component mixture of different magnetic phases with a wide range of particle sizes derived from a variety of possible sources. Quantifying the contribution of these phases in rocks and sediments is thus a fundamental task in all paleomagnetic and environmental magnetic studies. Consequently, developing methods to “unmix” magnetic end members in natural samples continues to be one of my chief research foci. I have developed methods that are applicable to both bulk magnetic measurements, which are used by a wide range of scientists, as well as advanced rock magnetic techniques that yield precise quantitative determinations of magnetic domain state contributions with the aid of multivariate statistics.


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